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Look Beyond Mastectomy Boutique 

is pleased to host Sizzle and Spice and Everything Naughty
Free workshops in store 

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde

January 4th - Loving the most amazing woman you know: YOU.


January 4, 2017 - Sizzle and Spice and Everything Naughty


We just so happen to believe that everyone can benefit from a little extra sizzle and spice in their lives. Gathering in a circle of women, we will explore the world of toys  ; to play with, to tantalize with to pleasure yourself or others with. Add some extra wildness and adventure to your play time.


Tap into your sensual /sexual powerful self as we dare to explore your burning questions. Diane Merpaw and Tracy Jenks Wilson , Sex Coaches extraordinaire,  will guide your evening into the world of pleasure and delight. Single or married there is something for everyone.  Giggles, laughter, fun and insights guaranteed! 


Diane Merpaw is a powerful and creative catalyst for awakening the goddess within women through intuition, spiritual teachings and expressive arts. She finds beauty and magic in the ordinary.

She is a Female Empowerment Coach , a Professional Sex Coach and Expressive Arts Practitioner.

  • She EMPOWERS women to connect with the powerful voice within themselves so they may stand confidently and unabashedly in their centre of power.

  • She IGNITES the spark within women to create the most delicious, mind-blowing love affair of their lives......that with themselves! 

  • She BOLDLY inspires women to quash the cultural spells about beauty and sexuality so that they may delight in their brilliance and feminine essence on their own terms. 


Call Linda Morin, owner of Look Beyond Mastectomy Boutique 613-422-4331 to pre register, space is limited.  

Cost: Free

Time: 6:00pm to 7:15pm

Location: Look Beyond Mastectomy Boutique, Bell Mews Plaza, 2039 Robertson Road, Ottawa

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