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What's In-Store at Look Beyond Mastectomy Boutique this month?


Wednesday 19th February, 2020 | WORKSHOP

Save the date for our February workshop on the reasons to consider
Reproductive Reflexology following your chemo treatments and cancer related
operations with Paulette Hébert, RCRT and Reproductive Reflexologist.
What is Reproductive Reflexology?

Also referred to as Reproflexology™; this specialised form of
Reflexology therapy that can be used as a stand-alone
treatment to enhance your reproductive health or natural
fertility. It can also help support all forms of assisted conception
including IUI, IVF and ICSI.

A woman’s cycle may become irregular or completed halted
due to chemo or radiation treatments and/or cancer related
procedures such a mastectomy. This natural drug-free therapy
can aid in rebalancing the endocrine system, regulating the
monthly cycle and help women better understand their cycle
and bodies post-cancer.

For women wishing to experience motherhood post cancer or
for women looking to avoid pregnancy Reproflexology™offers
a healthy and natural way forward in gaining their fertility
awareness and empowering them on their reproductive health

About Paulette

Paulette is a Reflexology Therapist certified by
the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC)
and the Association of Reproductive
Reflexologists (ARR). She is the only therapist
practicing of Reproductive Reflexology in the
Eastern Ontario region.

​Involved with perinatal fitness for many years, Paulette is
committed to Reproductive Reflexology and assertively
encourages all persons faced with fertility and/or reproductive
health issues to include this drug-free holistic therapy into their
wellness plan.

Paulette is also a breast cancer survivor.

Discovering Reflexology in the 1990s as an athlete and fitness
instructor she became an advocate of this therapy from the
onset. She has recently reaped its many benefits during her
own cancer treatments and mastectomy recovery; another
reason why she is eager to introduce you to this fascinating and
effective complimentary therapy - Reproflexology™
You can visit Paulette’s complete profile and service card at as she practices at the Ottawa Integrative Health

​WHEN:  Wednesday, February 19th, 2020
TIME:   6:15 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.  
​WHERE: Look Beyond Mastectomy Boutique, Bell's Mews
Plaza - 2039 Roberston Road, Ottawa
Seating is very limited
Please RSVP to:  613-422-4331 or

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