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February 2023

We can't believe we're already going into February! It's incredible how quickly time passes us by, especially with all of our busy schedules and go-go-go lifestyles. With that said, we're so glad to hear many of you are escaping the cold and headed on a much deserved vacation! We've been selling swim and cruise wear non stop these past few months and we're definitely trying to get our hands on some more beautiful styles as soon as possible. We still have some amazing vacation wear options left in store (variety of sizes available) and as always, appointments are not mandatory and walk-ins are welcome to shop our selection!  If you'd like to schedule a fitting or have any questions: (613)422-4331 or

As some of you may already know, Linda (owner) was away in January as she attended the Mindfulness Program at Hippocrates Wellness Institute in Florida. This was her fifth time attending Hippocrates and she's gained a lot of knowledge about detoxing, wellness, nutrition, destressing and much more. Linda is a certified Wellness Health Educator, is a breast cancer survivor, and has had a double mastectomy 15 years ago. She opened Look Beyond Boutique to help other women who are undergoing the same battles she herself has experienced and she's here for you if you have any questions! 

All About Breast Forms

Let's talk about breast forms! We receive a lot of questions regarding breast forms: what is the difference between breast form styles? Why do I need to wear a breast form? Are breast form costs covered? How do I go about buying a breast form? etc., Our team is certified in prosthesis and mastectomy bra fittings and are constantly learning about different fitting techniques, new information in the mastectomy world, the latest breast form and bra styles, how to better your fitting experience etc., And we're always ready to answer any of your questions! If you need an in depth explanation or need detailed information, we will definitely do so during your fitting appointment. To schedule a breast form or mastectomy bra fitting you can reach us: (613) 422-4331 or

One of the most common questions we receive are: what is a breast form? Breast forms are breast prosthesis designed for women who want to replace the fullness of an entire breast after having a mastectomy. There are also partial breast form options for women who have undergone a lumpectomy and want some fullness to have symmetry in their bra.
Breast forms are available in different styles to fit your unique needs. The proper style and fit is determined during a professional fitting where the fitter and you work together to decide what feels and looks best. There are many factors to consider when choosing your prosthesis whether it be your first time or if you've been wearing them for years: weight of the breast form, which shape of breast form suits you best, what size works best for you, what style of bra you'd prefer, how has your body changed in the past year or two etc., This is why we absolutely recommend seeking a professional fitting every time you need a new form or bra. A professional fitting not only makes the experience feel easier, but it ensures you will receive the best options for you to feel and look your best!

These are some examples of fantastic breast form styles we carry



The newest form we have is one we've been searching for and we're so excited to share with you: finally, a partial swim prosthesis! Most of us are familiar with the Active Flow (photo bottom right) which is a great style we do very well with but we haven't found any great options for a partial swim form until now.
These forms will be available for purchase very soon and we can't wait for you to try them on! Available in a variety of sizes. 


Another common question we receive is, why is it important to be wearing a breast form? When you've had a mastectomy, a natural weight is removed from your body causing your body to shift to accommodate the lesser weight. This shift can cause neck, shoulder and spine issues over time, resulting in a lot of pain and discomfort. Breast forms help to restore balance to your skeletal and muscular physiology. 

Lastly, everyone wants to know if their breast form is covered, how much coverage you  will 
receive and how do you go about receiving your refund. The Government of Ontario does cover a bit of coverage for breast forms: $195.00 per breast form or $390.00 for two breast forms, $105 partial form or $210.00 for two partials. We provide the paperwork for the government grant when you purchase your breast forms in store and it's also accessible online to the public. You're entitled to receive the Ontario Breast Prosthesis grant every two years. Another way you can receive coverage (or extra coverage) is through private insurance. Coverage amount depends on what plan you have with your insurance company but generally you're covered for at least two mastectomy bras a year and a new breast form every two years. You will need a prescription for the very first time you apply for coverage and we write out an official receipt with every purchase. 

We highly recommend taking advantage of your coverage and coming in every two years for your breast form(s) and every year for your bra(s) as your body is constantly changing. 

Starting today and every Tuesday, receive 10% off your purchase when you buy a breast form and a mastectomy bra! Many of you will recognize this as our senior's discount but we've decided to spread the love and extend the offer to everyone

For appointments: (613) 422-4331



10% Off Breast Form + Bra Every Tuesday!

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